Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lexia and TEEN Information

Just wanted to make sure that you all have this link for Lexia.  To access it just click on the highlighted word Lexia in this blog.  Your username is your ESSDACK email and your password is your first name and initial of your last name.  If you need any assistance with this be sure to give Deb Esau a call at 620-960-6060 or email her at desau@educationaldesignsolutions.com

If you have student that would be a good candidate for the virtual setting through the TEEN virtual school just contact Lena Kleiner.    In the TEEN website you can help a student find both the high school (grades 9th through 12th) and adult enrollment packet.  Don't worry about losing students to TEEN.  ESSDACK does receive a cut of the student count from the TEEN school districts.  Their graduation requirements are 21 credits!   Here is the website link.  TEEN

Contact TEEN

Lena Kleiner, Executive Director
416 S. Date
Hillsboro, KS 67063

Office Phone:  620-947-3184
Cell Phone:  620-877-0237
Office Fax:  620-947-3475
Email:  lena.kleiner@usd410.net

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